Spezza Trading

Spezza Trading (Pvt) Ltd. is in the business of connecting products and services with clients from around the world. Through high level contacts with Governments and industry leaders in Sri Lanka, Fiji, China, Japan, Russia and the USA, we are able to connect and supply any product ranging from bulk Wheat and Frozen Fish to Bullets and Anti-Aircraft Ordinance. We have also secured strategic partnerships with service suppliers and Funders to enable us to formulate and provide comprehensive turn key solutions to any client requirement, even at national level.

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To be our client’s preferred and trusted conduit for sourcing or supply of any product or service globally.


To achieve a trading volume of US$ 500 Million per annum by 2020, through propagation of our unique company culture and client focused business ethos.


To have a proven product basket of 100 goods and services by 2018.

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